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What is Point of Sale software do?
Basically POS is the place at which a retail transaction is carried out and hence this software is being used in millions of retail and hospitality services. Retailers can enhance their selling process by using this software because the right Point of Sale can deliver the new level of control over operations, increasing speed and efficiency of sale, boosting profits, and also achieve fine-tune business model.
Alcanzar offer Customized Point of Sale according to Retailer specific?
Selecting right Point of Sale Software is also a big task for Retailers. The wrong selection of the system can cause a waste of money and time. Alcanzar Software Solutions provide genuine and retailer specific Point of Sale Software to their clients. Like the book shop owner needs different POS to the any car dealer. Same way the cloth retailer and the restaurant owner differ in their process. Alcanzar Software Solutions follow the specific process to and analysis to identify the exact need of the retailer and give the customized solutions according to that. We provide full support and guidance to our clients since start of the project till end. Also after delivery of software we provide 6 months of free support and maintenance.
Point of Sale at it glance.
Point of Sale software has many features that helps retailers and business owners in achieving fast services. These are few common features which are most important while having POS for any Small, Medium or Large Retail Business.
Fast checkout
Inventory Tracking
Customer Data
Automated Purchasing Program
Capability for multiple locations and Mobality
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Agreement
CRM Project Management
Reporting Tools

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