Effective LMS- Learning Management Solutions with Moodle and SCORM

LMS- Learning Management Systems has become the necessity of the education field and according to need Software industry has many development platforms to create such Learning Management Systems. Among all the LMS platforms Moodle has become the preferable platform to develop Learning Management System. Moodle provides flexible learning, Mobile Compatibility and Multi Lingual compatibility. It’s open source characteristic, Quick & Easy Deployment have given the ease of use to users of the LMS and developers both.

We (www.alcanzarsoft.com)provide interactive and engaging e-learning portals by implementing SCORM with Moodle. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a series of specifications that define information exchanged between the learner’s interactions with the content and the Learning Management System. Alcanzar Software Solutions perform deep analysis to provide effective e-learning portals with SCORM and Moodle. SCORM packaging provides the standard way of putting together some web pages and content in a zipped file.

The extra ordinary features of Moodle and SCORM compatibility inspire us to develop LMS by using them.

Features at a Glance,

Modern, easy to use interface

Quality up to date content

Multi Media interactivity

Personalised Dashboard

Collaborative Learning Tools

Convenient file management

Simple and intuitive text editor

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Benefits of Xamarin Platform for Effective cross platform compatible solutions


Only good concept or Attractive design can’t get success for any Mobile app. Optimised tools & techniques for development is also the most important resources for that.

Number of Cross- Mobile platforms are available in the market, but Xamarin has achieved the highest attention of developers due to its distinct features & native UI flexibility. Xamarin Studio enables code completion in C#. It also provides the advantages of specific-device access features, and most importantly, native performance.Apart from native UI, the way app logic is shared across multiple platforms makes Xamarin a must-use cross-platform development tool.

Native Platform Feel and Support

All platforms have their unique features and feel like Android and iOS have distinct UI and SDK. Xamarin is built with this specific characteristic which accepts the unique feature of every platform instead of opposing it.Xamarin has specific.NET classes for iOS and Android which allow it to share core logic of programs across the other platforms.

Open Source & Cost Effective

Open source characteristic of Xamarin platforms gives more expansion to its use. Also, as you don’t need to acquire the specific team for native developers for Xamarin development. At one time development, you can use it for all platforms Android, iOS and Windows. So we can say open source and cross platform development makes it cost effective. 

Full hardware support

As discussed above Xamarin’s native UI flexibility, it removes the hardware compatibility issues, using plugins and specific APIs. It also supports linking with native libraries which allow for better customization and native level functionality.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenace of apps after development demands more attention for its stable performance. Due to Cross Platform feature, it’s easy to maintain the apps which are developed on Xamarin Platform. You can simply deploy the new updates or changes at one source file and they will be applied for android & iOS both. So ultimately it saves time and money both with ultimate app performance.

Optimised Programming Language C#

C# is the core language of Xamarin which is highly comprehensive, easy to learn, flexible, modern, and pure object oriented programming for all. Some features of C# like, removal of pointers & headers, simple data types reduces development efforts.

Xamarin provides cross platform development flexibility with many facilities and unique features as compared to other Cross-Platforms. We (www.alcanzarsoft.com) recommend Xamarin to our clients for mobile app development platform. Our experienced team deliver optimised and optimum mobile app solutions by using Xamarin platform.

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Big Data implementation

Big data is a collection of large datasets that can not be processed using traditional computing techniques. It’s a complete subject which involves various tools, techniques and frameworks.Big data involves the data produced by different devices and applications like Social Media Data, Stock Exchange, Power Grid, Transport Data, Black Box data, Search Engine data etc.

We(www.alcanzarsoft.com) implement “Big Data” while developing the portals for HealthCare, RealEstate, Agriculture, Retail, Cyber Security, Supply Chain etc to achieve some mandatory features in terms of good software performance which includes,

Optimised facility performance

Reduced Energy cost

increased access to information

Managed with greater agility

Pro-Actively maintained equipment

We also perform Big Data analytics, which helps to achieve various business benefits. Big Data Analytics gives revenue opportunities, effective marketing, enhanced customer service, improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages over rivals. Data Analytics technologies & techniques provide a means of analysing datasets and drawing conclusions about it which helps organisations to make informed business decisions.

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4th July, Happy Independence Day America

4th July, one of the most important day for Americans. Today all Americans celebrates their independence day.

On 4th July, 1776 US got Independence from the British Empire after a great Revolutionary war. In the memory of that great occasion, every year 4th July USA celebrates their Independence Day. On this day America’s 13 colonies got separated from UK and declared themselves as they are no longer part of British Empire and want themselves to be declared as independent States.

They celebrate their independence day with fireworks, parades, barbecues,carnivals, concerts, outdoor games, family reunion and with the political speeches. People gather and prepare some events with fireworks and salute their country by playing patriotic music.

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Android Development – CupCake to Nougat

Android development has been changed a lot from CupCake to Nougat. Android has become the dominating OS in the Smartphone market. Due to open source platform, Android has been obtained by many smartphone development companies and now it’s running on countless models of maximum smartphone platforms. This might brings impact in many reader’s minds that Android development programming is easy and simple which is a just illusion.

Android was having most complex IDE and ADT Plugin with full of bugs, Slow processing and unfriendly UI. Android development finally became stable after the release of Android Studio which had many user-friendly features.Android Playstore has given the flexibility and big opportunity to the Android developers. In present time developing apps and uploading on play store has become easy way to earn for freelancers.

Maximum people in the world use Android and hence they are also addicted to various Android apps. Android mobile phones and tablets are the main competitor of Apple iPhone and iPad which has covered max area of Mobile market due to its cost-effective and user-friendly feature. The latest version of Android, Nougat has released recently with many attractive and useful features.


  • Change the Display Size

  • Battery Power Optimisation

  • Split-screen apps

  • Data Saver

We (www.alcanzarsoft.com) have an expert team for Android app development who always think about the next technology update in the market. Our team keep updated with latest technology and tools and deliver optimum projects to clients.

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10 years of iPhone- since 2007 to 2017

iPhone is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. This brings the tremendous impact on iPhone development industry and the developers involve in this field.We (www.alcanzarsoft.com)are discussing this topic because iPhone development is the core part of our software development work.

Initially, iPhone development was not so easy but things became easier with the release of iOS 2.0. Apple added the app store and gave Xcode the iOS SDK which helped iPhone developers a genuine way of developing apps and releasing in the market. Swift, the programming language has almost transformed iOS app development by giving its own language. Apple products are well known for their security, robustness and attractive look.iPhone has become the symbol of the quality day by day. It always comes up with some unique and useful features every year which keeps its customers updated and attached with the device.

Apple has achieved great heights in the mobile market with iPhone not only for the cell phone but for portable media players and multifunction convergence devices in general. According to survey iPhone customers are highly satisfied with iPhone as compare to other Apple products.

Alcanzar Software Solution believes in client satisfaction and hence always accept the technology challenges and work according to market demand.We have the experienced and agile team of Swift programmers and Mac desktop app development.We have also achieved expertise in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch app development.

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