Influence of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become the most acquired tool in software development field nowadays. No matter you are developing apps for Entertainment, Real Estate, Social Media, Education, Automative Industry, Ecommerce or Game, virtual reality is the most used technology to make these apps success and more interactive. Virtual reality gives real life effects and allows the most amazing experience for the users.

Alcanzar Software Solutions always works on latest and demanding technologies in the market. So as per market demand, we have experienced and intellectual graphic designers and developers because to develop effective Virtual Reality app, the good graphic is the must. Our( many years of experiences have given the analytical depth to analyse the actual requirement. We have experts in Unity 3D, AR, VR, and WebVR. We also have in-house use team of 3D Modellers and animation artist.

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Cloud Computing and birth of SAAS application

Thinking about SAAS based applications was not possible without Cloud computing concept. SAAS stands for “Software As a Service” which itself define the purpose of such type of software. Alcanzar Software Solutions has the deep understanding in developing such type of SAAS based applications which can be used widely. We ( Cloud-based applications or software as a service application which runs on various systems at the same time and being operated by many users. The whole data of such applications are being saved “in the cloud” or we can say on the internet.

Benefits of Saas Application:

User can sign up and rapidly start using innovative and incredible business apps

Saas based Apps and data are accessible from any connected computer

As data is in the cloud so it is secure even if your computer breaks

small business owners can set their Software as service subscription on the monthly basis

The service is able to dynamically scale to usage needs

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Revolution of E commerce web development

In recent years E-commerce websites have become the necessity for the retailers and the consumers both. Due to this revolution in e-commerce website demand Software Development Companies have enhanced their skills and energy in the E-commerce development field to justify the customer needs.Website Development is the process of building, customising and extending websites by writing optimised code using different programming languages.E-Commerce is all about taking benefit of the web in order to increase business, promote the product and do successful marketing of your business.

Alcanzar Software Services always apply innovative and unique development ideas and concepts to develop the e-commerce websites with highly secure and robust payment methods.Our ( experienced and agile development team has achieved the incredible knowledge in the field of e-commerce development. We use Magento, Shopify, Oscommerce, Virtumart, Drupal,.Net Framework and many other platforms to develop the e-commerce websites. We have provided online Store Fronts, B2B and B2C portals, Online marketplace, Dynamic coupon code generation etc in the field of E-commerce development.

Alcanzar always keeps five most important things in mind while developing the e-commerce websites for their customers.1. Responsive Design.2. Support Guest Checkout.3. Site search.4. Security.5. Optimise Site Performance.

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E-commerce mobile apps To boost retailer business

As we all know “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Today’s consumer has become smart and techie and they understand the value of time and always try to do multiple tasks in seconds.

So by understanding this scenario, Alcanzar Software Solutions has launched their E-commerce- online shopping apps in the market for their valuable retailers. We are developing these apps for both platforms including Android and iOS and provide robust and secure payment methods for that. Alcazar’s E-commerce mobile apps have created the incredible market and great significance in customers mind and inspired them to use these apps and do shopping by sitting at home.Retail business of retailers have gone high and their sales ratio has been increased.

There are many e-commerce apps available in the market, but our( apps are different in terms of rich features which includes Good speed, Easy user interface, Flexible payment methods, No delay etc. As we always focus on each type of customers including techie as well as non-techie so we create such type of apps which are easy to use and the on-techie person can also understand the flow and functionalities of the app in a very easy way. This is how we have boost the sales of Retail Business in today’s market.

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