Desktop Push Notifications

We’ve all experienced the power of push notifications. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s so hard to ignore that little ding or buzz. So hard to not whip out your phone and engage with whoever’s pinging you. At we always try to give our clients a new experience. many websites are trying to bring that power to the desktop. In future we will try to redefined this technique to be more effective and helpful.

7S Framework

The 7S framework constitutes of 7 factors, which affect organizational effectiveness. These 7 factors are strategy, organizational structure, IT systems, shared values, employee skills, management style and staff. In digital age, technology and technology-driven information systems both are game changer as far as meeting objective for any organization is concerned. At we are moving towards automation, cloud computing, etc. because it is very essential to every organization to look back upon its seven elements to identify the source which is hampering the growth.

Factors That Will Have a Huge Impact on Digital Banking and E-Wallets in 2017

We have seen a lot of changes and challenges in the digital banking system in the last year. However, with people shifting more towards digital payments, there are a few key elements that can have a significant impact on digital banks and E-Wallets. we recognised those facts and start improving them. Those facts were Security, User Experience, Functionality, Performance and Data Integrity.

Better in-app experiences

In Modern Era clients are fighting hard to keep their apps in the top ranks, and keep users in those applications for as long as possible. So we started to help them for having a great market values. We started to venture into new territory for better experience of User. We have started adding new functionality that overrides the necessity to leave the app and pursue functionality elsewhere. Most users are finding these in-app provisions helpful, and they’re only going to grow more sophisticated from here.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The Internet-of-Things is a phenomenon driven by the fact that so many everyday items—such as cars, refrigerators and televisions—are now becoming capable of accessing the Internet, or even enjoying “smart” technology. At we started to go with the flow and started developing apps for these devices. Theoretically, groups of these appliances and devices could be linked together on a single network, resulting in a “smart home” that can be controlled independently by a single user on a single system.

Effective app-aided management

Nowadays a businessman without a mobile phone is like a car without wheels. Running a business without a communication tool is impossible. we are developing customised solutions for our clients. So that In the long term, solution would be able to fulfill specific needs of a company that will prove much more profitable than purchasing a finished product. It must be remembered, however, that a smartphone may be used not only for making phone calls or keeping contact lists. Just like car equipment facilitates smooth and safe driving, mobile apps optimize company management.

Mobile Gaming

In recent years, Alcanzar noted that there has been a gradual movement observed towards multi-player-gaming in mobile games. With the rise of such games, integration of social media within games will become more significant than before.
At we uses cloud storage in developing games because mobile games will increasingly be driven by cloud technology to sync between different devices playing the same game or to sync between different users taking part in the same game.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is expected to play a vital role in the app development revolution. It will shift the usage of mobile devices in upward direction and tends to make app developers more focused towards the ability of integrating and synchronising apps developed for multiple devices. we are following cloud approach which helps our developers to build functionality that can easily be used on different mobile devices with similar data and features.

Prototypes: Better Way of Launching a Project

While working with the startups we observed that almost every founder lives with two facts i.e Of his being highly enthusiastic about his business idea, Of his need for a promising seed investment. It is certainly very difficult to convince an angel investor for funding in any project just because the founder is highly enthusiastic and that the idea is still a secret and needs funding to start its development. At Alcanzar We understand the requirements first of all. Decide feature-list, which can be included in the prototype version
Get a sign off from customer and start building a working prototype with an attention to build final application over and above the built prototype, unless there is no big change in the requirements later.