Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce

Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile phone is becoming as common as using credit or debit cards. This implies that developers can develop mobile apps that can process transactions without the need for cash or any physical cards. At we accepted this trend as Recent surveys have shown 19% of commercial sales are coming from either a smartphone or tablet. Analyst at Alcanzar recommending this trend and it will positively continue as more and more consumers are adapting mobile-commerce, or m-commerce, solutions.

Mobile Security Apps

Mobile security apps are applications designed for smartphone and tablet mobile devices to protect and secure the device and its data from unauthorized access in the case of theft or accidental loss. Smartphones are becoming more important to users and their dependence on them increases for accessing bank applications and other private data. we providing higher securities to our client by implementing SQL injection protection.

Marketing, Advertising and Purchasing within Apps

According to Alcanzar’s studies, expenditure on in-app advertisements in all the mobile devices will increase. Mobile advertisements are no longer limited to banners. A variety of ad formats, such as image, text, or video ads, are being integrated and experimented with right now. we are creating a great user experience by constantly analysing user behaviour and improving the app accordingly.

Prioritising User Experience Through App Analytics

Alcanzar believes that user experience will usher technology in the future. As the use of tablets, smartphones and wearable devices increase day by day, app user experience is getting more critical than ever. It seems to be even more challenging when in-app advertisements and purchases need to be kept in mind. At data analytics plays a vital role by helping app developers to bring improvements to the user experience.

Android Studio 2.0: A Modern World of Android Application Development

The main intention behind the origination of the new version of IDE is to make the Andoid Application development a lightweight task for the developers. At developers are using it ideally for great user experience. Now the build speed and deployment speed have been accelerated making it 2-2.5 times faster for the developers to develop apps. A FAST NEX-GEN EMULATOR, GPU PROFILER, INSTANT RUN, REAL TIME TESTING are key features which make it far better than the former versions of Android Studio.

How SEO and SMO Increase The Traffic of Website !!

SEO and SMO are two basic processes that tend to have a visible impact on the traffic that a website gets. At www., we work on areas like Content, Authority, User Experience and Performance to get promise constant results. Building website traffic is a crucial chore and this is why relying on an expert such as Alcanzar Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. would help !!

Mobile apps are revolutionizing doctor-patient interactions !!

According to a survey recently conducted, around 96% of health mobile app users accepted that the app has made their life easier. So developers at working on these technology to make our clients life easier and helping them to generate revenue from market. These apps are proving to be of immense use to both doctors and patients. it is expected that healthcare world will have a massive participation of these apps and the life of patients will find a new level.

Gantt Chart: A Project Management Tool

Gantt chart is one of the most popular and useful tools used in project management. At for us project management is an approach of projecting or planning, organizing, dividing tasks, allocating resources, assigning tasks, and meeting deadlines. We uses this platform to Import and Export Microsoft Project formats and Produce Report in HTML, PDF and CSV.

Role of Wearable technology in transforming citizens lives !!

The market of wearable devices gets overflow and is still growing day by day. With the ever-increasing wearable gadgets. At we adopted the wearable trend and presenting their innovative and usable wearable device’s application to our clients. We are using Accelerometer hardware and Pedometer to achieving this. We’ve been working on wearable app development for years and we have delivered a lot of mobile apps and devices to our clients.

Web 2.0 Applications

As we all know In the recent times, Internet and Web have become keys for business communication. The Web 2.0 signifies the changes in the way Web pages are created and accessed. Many companies adopting these technologies to create richer and responsive interactions. At testing team is involved with the development team as their is frequent and continuous changes in the web 2.0 applications. It is quite difficult to get the clear definitions of web 2.0 application requirements so early involvement of the testing team is also required.