Pay-by-phone: the best alternatives

As modern times advance, the goal of all the big payments companies is to keep consumers from having to carry their annoying wallets up and down. In other words: forget your wallet at home, now you just need to approach your smartphone to a payment. At we are working on different projects in order to reach the perfect pay-by-phone system. Any pay-by-phone app should offer customers the widest range of payment options possible, like multiple credit cards, PayPal and a bank account. We are trying to give special feeling to consumers by offering them loyalty bonuses, discounts or free products for using your pay-by-phone app.

Major Pitfalls to avoid on Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are one of the vital factors that contribute to increase the chances of success for a business. Mobile Apps help in paving the way for the businesses to tap into the audience and boost revenue generation. At, Alcanzar we assist our clients to understanding audience’s expectations as this can be major failure in future. We suggest our clients to remove unnecessary features as it will increase size of mobile app. Insufficient testing can become one of the majore pitfalls in Mobile app development. We do sufficient testing of Mobile apps before launch.

BLE technology and Mobile apps

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy is a power efficiency technology of Bluetooth. Its main function is to work as remote control of connected devices and data transfer. It is beneficial for Mobile app developers as it is supported by every major operating system. At , We are using this technology for developing medical and health devices and fitness apps. It works under high-standard security and data encryption. BLE has ultra-low power consumption.

Use of Eclipse IDE while developing projects

Eclipse is the most widely used Java-based open source platform. It can be thought of as a ‘bundle” of software tools which helps to maximize programmer productivity. At, We use Eclipse for writing, modifying, compiling, debugging, and deploying software. Within the Eclipse environment a programmer can with the aid of plug-ins create applications in any number of languages, including but not limited to the JAVA programming language.

Automation Functional Testing with Jmeter

In software testing, test automation is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. At we use Jmeter 3.0 as a testing software. Jmeter is open source software, a 100% pure Java desktop application, designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of web sites. It was originally designed for load testing web applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

Third party apps integration for iOS and Android

Third party integration has been a hot topic recently in the mobile app development industry. At we use google maps APIs for Geolocation features and many more. It is true that giving developers the power to create new mobile apps and integrate them into existing core apps may drive the expansion the mobile app development world. there are those that believe that a certain balance needs to be met. In Modern Era Google is usually the name that provides development kits to build more mobile apps for Android’s OS.

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Why an MVP is the best way to start building a mobile app?

Developing a mobile product is always a challenge and even if you’ve got a great business idea. we use MVP to develop mobile apps. By building a minimum viable product (MVP) client can gain lots of valuable insights to help them in optimizing their product and making better-informed design decisions. MVPs work great for demonstrating the marketing validity of product – they create a strong business case which can be easily shown to investors interested to learn whether it’s worth to invest more into its development.

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