Future of gaming: where Virtual world becomes Reality

Virtual Reality has made a substantial effect on the future of our lives. At Alcanzar, We used to develop games using VR so that we can provide to user  a natural and intelligent interaction with game. This technology allows its users to witness and access information in several ways. The advantages of virtual reality go far from improving the gaming experiences. it adds great benefits to the business world as well.

Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Google have released his sweetest release of Android i.e. Nougat which is 7.0 OS. At Alcanzar, We are using Android latest Operating system so that we can serve our clients in advanced way. Android Nougat has brought for its users to work in a multi-tasking way. You can now work in a multi-window view and quickly switch between apps. Android’s new version is the better and tweaked UI. It is very much evident in its notification menu. Nougat is built with powerful layers of security and encryption in order to keep the data confidential.

How Planning Plays an Important Role in Mobile UI Development?

Executing similar tasks advocate best practices required for mobile application development. It is immensely important to execute such plans at different levels: specification, QA, architecture, development, design, etc. At Alcanzar, we provide a better user experience by designing an attractive and useful interface. Firstly we do planning and monitor quality throughout the mobile UI development. In order to meet user expectations and get positive reviews, we create our application thoughtfully.

Importance of Agile Methodology which Alcanzar follows

Agile software development methodology is an process for developing software. Agile Methodology  adds simplicity, courage, feedback, and communication for the improvement of the project. At Alcanzar, we  makes use of the best practices such as  Small Releases, Customer Acceptance Tests, Simple Design, Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Collective Code Ownership, and Coding Standards to be able to deal with the changing requirements and technology.

Importance of wearable app development & how Alcanzar overcomes them

People have been experimenting with wearable technology since long. And in the near future, the segment is surely going to command the market. Wearable market is flourishing at a noticeable pace, with new devices emerging and the old ones getting discontinued. At Alcanzar, Developers are keeping up with pace to present the users with innovative and efficient apps for making the products successful. Alcanzar team always aims to better its developmental strategies, especially for wearable devices, to match up with the continually evolving device structures.