ASO,SEO & more tools to improve your apps promotion

ASO, Standing for Apps Store Optimization, ASO is in a nutshell the apps version of SEO. That is the ability to actively promote, market and generally get eyeballs to an app.ASO has been practiced informally in a rather helter skelter fashion since app developers and marketers began wanting to increase the visibility of their apps and started using SEO tactics, and any other tactics for that matter, to do so.Knowing how your app is doing is extremely important and vital to its success. 

Fitbands and Smartwatches

Fitbands and Smartwatches are the best wearable trends in 2016. At Alcanzar, Developers are using pedometer to making app for fitbands and smartwatches. Fitbands are activity tracker is a device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. At Alcanzar, We are tracking statistics of Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index, Lean Body Mass and Weight over period of time in relation with physical activity performed.

Impact of Pokemon Go on Performance Testing

With the help of sophisticated technology, there is a high scope for augmented-reality in gaming. This has made people more interested in being a real player in the virtual world. Pokémon Go is one of the latest examples, where the mobile uses the GPS and the internet to hide a Pokémon creature in your vicinity.The game is just like a treasure hunt, where virtual characters are hiding around the players.With performance testing, we can establish a benchmark for the behavioral pattern of a system, in this case, Pokémon Go. This can help in setting a standard for the application.

iOS 10

At Alcanzar, we have upgraded to develop for new iOS 10 for features like voice commands and maps so that we can utilize them to deliver better user experience. iOS Developers have to use Xcode 8 in order to build apps for iOS 10 or iOS 10 requires developers to code using Swift 3. iOS 10 APIs are different from Previous version. Apple has introduced a huge collection of APIs for developers. From a testing perspective, QA team is changing their test scenarios to make a better impact on applications. The lock screen and enhanced notifications are having a impact on existing tests.

Employee Satisfaction

Alcanzar always ensures to help its employees to manage work life balance and work towards employee satisfaction and maintaining healthy work environment. Alcanzar’s female director personally handles complaints from female employees to avoid gender discrimination and to encourage open discussions. The company handles disciplinary complaints gracefully with closed room discussions. Aside from 24/7 CCTV surveillance, the company also provides laptops for women to work-from-home after 8PM. In fact, Alcanzar doesn’t pressurize anyone to stay in office and offers free dinner to those who work late.

Memory Management

Alcanzar Android experts use several Memory Management tactics such as: Allocating and Reclaiming App Memory, Restricting App Memory and Switching Apps. And we have done this for all the apps developed by us so far. We understand that Apps development is only successful if more users are able to download it with varying internet speed.

Content Creation

Thinking out of the Box is a habit for Alcanzarites. And that is what gives momentum to the Awesome Content created by us.
Content created is original and has been integral to our products like,, Android and iOS apps. Our thousands of tech articles are published in Tropical post which is referred as the Techcrunch of Asia.

When you have lots of data, you can’t call all the data at once. For instance, consider your Facebook page you can’t load all your feeds at once, so to optimize it we use pagination. Developers @Alcanzar are experts on it and have used Pagination in almost all of our web apps such,

Multiple Ad SDKs

Developers @Alcanzar use sets of SDK interface to configure multiple AD SDKs. We use .plsit property files in the project architecture so that it can be handled remotely without making any kind of update in the live application. Hundreds of our games such as A Fun Spongebob Close Up Trivia – Find The Word Quiz for Kids, Cute Monster Girl Halloween Party have the feature integrated.

Alcanzar is able to capitalize on the increase of smartphones (1.3 billion smartphones in last 4 years). We have created 1500+ high Quality games in 2D & 3D using Unity and Cocos. Our games are notch higher than the regular Re-skinning games in terms of app ideas and themes. They have higher retention and a longer life cycle than a quick hit and run. Check out the video of the games developed by us at